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Take a second bag with you on board as

The airline is also cutting its online fee for re issuing boarding cards from 70 to 15 as part of its new more customer friendly approach.

Passengers had been forced to stuff everything into a single 10kg cabin bag, but as of Sunday t Belstaff Jackets hey will also be able to bring a second carry on bag such as a small handbag or small airport shopping bag.

It follows improvements to the Ryanair website and the introduction of 24 hour grace periods where minor boo Belstaff Jackets king errors such as misspellings can be c Belstaff Jackets orrected.

Michael O’Leary’s airline will also introduce a fare finder feature to allow customers search for flights by price, route or travel period and will bring in mobile boarding passes.

It is also bringing in fully allocated seating from February 1.

Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely said the company was very excited at their significant improvements to their customer service.

“We are actively listening and responding to our customers so that they can continu Belstaff Jackets e to expect low fares and on time flights, but can now enjoy a second small carry on bag and reduced boarding card re issue fees,” he said.

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