Belstaff Jackets Take a Walk on The Boardwalk

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Take a Walk on The Boardwalk

What happens when one of your good friends is a chocolatier? You have the potential of turning into a chocolate snob. I now consider myself to belong to this elite group of luc Belstaff Jackets ky folks!

A few years ago I decided to attend a launch party for a company called Boardwalk Chocolates in Kensington Market in Toronto. There was a promise of some great vegan chocolates, which at the time was one unheard of. Suie Moffat, creator and owner of Boardwalk Chocolates was one of the first companies to develop milk free artisan chocolates. I remember thinking how unassuming this lady was who made the best chocolate I ever tasted! My favorite flavour at that time was The Contortionist (it still is), and I taken to buying them and sharing with my special friends.

Fast forward to last week, and I was honored with an invitation to be a part of a round table that was designed to help Siue strategize on how to grow her small, green, vegan, fair trade, ethical and certified organic business.

All of us came together and shared ideas to one end to figure out as a team how to get this magnificent, decadent chocolate with the rest of the world.

During this session, I learned even more about Siue and how she does business. One of the things I learned is that she not only thinks about the natural goodness and high quality of the chocolate she uses, but she also thinks about each part of the production process; from the use of biodegradable bags to the post consumer recycled boxes that the chocolates are housed in.

In my fifteen plus years of being a conscious consumer, I have NEVER come across such a high i Belstaff Jackets ntegrity entrepreneur, nor a product that is as low impact as Boardwalk Chocolates. I will always consider her to be pioneer in her field, and hope that more people learn about her story, her products, and the great ideas and business practices that she supports. Belstaff Jackets

Thank you Boardwalk Chocolates. Because of you, I don even think of buying a conventional “chocolate bar” because now I know and love the taste of high quality a Belstaff Jackets nd ethically made chocolate. No matter where you are, you can order some from Ethical Ocean and indulge anytime.

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