Belstaffs Surewaves Buzziest Brands 2014

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Surewaves Buzziest Brands 2014

This is the first year that the Buzzies have introduced product categories. Yesterday, we wrote about the top 10 categories in alphabetical order. Here’s presenting the other categories in alphabetical order.

Surewaves Buzziest Brands 2014 was sponsore Belstaffs d by Surewaves, Grihshobha, Fox Traveller and PayTM.

One might think men are increasingly becoming important to this category, but brands focused on women are still ruling the roost here. The winner is Dove, famous for some smashing buzz it creates with its women consumers. The runner up is brand L’Oreal, a brand that has come to be associated with glamour and beauty.

They say Indians love their entertainment. Looking at the results of the m Belstaffs edia and entertainment category, we beg to differ, and say that Indians love their news, too. Times Now bags the winning slot while coming in second is a brand that has more than met expectations when it came to entertaining us, brand Colors.

Online Media Services E Commerce

In this category, the winner is the brand that has been memorable in its own unique ways. This one has earned rave reviews for its superb fulfilment and word of mouth. It is Flipkart which takes the crown of the winner. The runner up is OLX, a brand that has become virtually a verb, when it comes to selling your stuff online.

Adrenaline, tight curves, hot bikes and high adventure these b Belstaffs rands promise you all that, and because we are Indians, strong mileage too! The runner up is the iconic Royal Enf Belstaffs ield, perhaps the closest to a cult brand in the category, while the winner in the two wheelers category is the resurgent brand, Hero.

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